January 2012 - writing and recording

It has been a mild winter so far here in SW Missouri. I'm hoping my next journal entry here won't include a description of the latest blizzard! There's been enough cold and cool weather here that makes for a nice evening in front of the woodstove writing music. I wrote a new original "White River Bow" back in October while on a getaway to a cabin overlooking the majestic White River. I'm just thrilled with the song and hope to record it and post it to my website at some point in the not too distant future. I'm still performing now and then, both solo and with my friends and musician partners Liz and Lori. As a trio the Three Left Feet have a lot of fun and we've been gathering once a week for the past few years honing our three-part harmony skills. We play/perform both originals and some of our favorite covers. Next week we'll be going to our friend Rick Davidson's recording studio - The Sound Farm - to lay down a few tracks that we can share with anyone who cares to listen. In other news, I'm still producing and hosting my radio show The Mulberry Tree on KSMU-NPR 91.1 in Springfield, MO. The show still airs at its regular time, 9 p.m. CST on Sunday evenings. You can tune in or even stream the show live if you're out of our signal map! A few minutes ahead of the show start time just go to www.ksmu.org and click on "listen live." The Mulberry Tree also broadcasts live to the following NPR stations: Branson - 90.5 West Plains - 90.3 Mountain Grove - 88.7 Joplin - 98.9 Neosho - 103.7 Have a lovely winter, stay warm and happy, and I'll drop a line from time to time. Emily

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