Late Spring in SW Missouri

Since my last journal entry over the winter life has brought changes, as it usually does. It was a good "winter" if you can call it that...not much snow and warmer temperatures. Here's an update on a few things: Recording some new originals in the studio is still a goal of mine in the near future. I don't have a home recording studio, so I usually go to Rick Davidson's "Sound Farm" or over to Larry Lee's studio in Ozark. Recording will depend on everyone's schedules. I still hold a full-time day job in addition to playing music and hosting my radio show, so with a little patience, it will all get done! When it does, I still intend to post new recordings to this website. When that happens I'll let you know. The trio I played with for over three years, Three Left Feet, is basically just getting together for fun now and then with a possible gig here and there. It became too challenging to get all three of us together once a week for regular practice, which is what we really needed to stay tight as a band and make successful recordings. The great friendships between the three of us are still alive, and that's what really matters. I continue to write new music and am still jamming with musician friends from time to time on a casual basis just to keep my skills alive and growing until new opportunities arise. In other news, I'm still producing and hosting my radio show The Mulberry Tree on KSMU-NPR 91.1 in Springfield, MO. The show airs at 10 p.m. CST on Sunday evenings. You can tune in or stream the show live if you're out of our signal map! When streaming, a few minutes ahead of the show start time just go to and click on "listen live." The Mulberry Tree broadcasts live to the following NPR stations: Springfield - 91.1 Branson - 90.5 West Plains - 90.3 Mountain Grove - 88.7 Joplin - 98.9 Neosho - 103.7 Let's keep in touch! If you have questions or comments about The Mulberry Tree send me an email at or for emails in general, send to I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful summer! Emily

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