Commissioned Songwriting

I haven't been very diligent in keeping up with this journal. Since my last entry so many wonderful things have happened. Once in a while life throws in a tough challenge, but so far, nothing I can't handle. I had shoulder surgery last summer to repair a partial tear in my rotator cuff, but have healed up and am back playing my guitar and mandolin and having a great time writing music. Speaking of writing music, last spring a dear friend of mine who owns a beautiful farm in eastern Douglas County commissioned me to write a collections of songs about his farm and what is so unique and amazing about it. I have visited his farm several times in these past years, and every time I go I'm blown away by the beauty and how he reclaimed and restored the acreage and the homestead. This collection of songs is taking shape nicely. I'm so excited about the thought of giving this man such a gift. I am hoping to have at least eight songs in the collection, and have six completed at this time. I will begin recording in the springtime of 2014. I also have a number of songs I've written since 2008 when I produced my last CD "On the Square." I would like to choose several of those songs and record them as well once I am finished with the commissioned songs. I continue to produce and host my radio show "The Mulberry Tree" on KSMU, Springfield's NPR affiliate station. I have met and created friendships with so many incredibly talented songwriters and musicians since I began hosting the show in 2009. Local/regional talent astounds me, and songwriters I've admired all my life have reached out to share their new music with me as well. I feel so fortunate to be able to share music with all of you over the airwaves each week. It's quite humbling. Take good care, and I'll write something again here soon. In the mean time, be sure to check out my Mulberry Tree page on this website each week. Happiness and good health to all of you! Emily

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