Commissioned Songwriting - Part 3

There has been a lot of activity with my new recording project. One of the most exciting parts for me of any new collection of recordings is when it is named. Officially, the collection of 11 songs, including one instrumental, is named "91 Acres." As the winter came to an end so did my evenings of sitting by the fire and practicing for recording sessions. I made my first visit to the Sound Farm in Nixa, Missouri at the end of April to begin recording basic vocal and guitar tracks for all songs. That process was completed July 29th. The land owner for whom I wrote the songs has heard the bare bones beginnings of all 11 songs and is extremely pleased. That was a joyful happening. I had a lot of confidence about these songs, but as this is a commissioned project, I needed the stamp of approval before moving forward with the next phase...bringing musicians into the studio to do their magic. I really enjoy this part of the project and the mixing that follows. The songs take on a new life of their own and develop "personalities" so to speak. I will spend the next few weeks listening to the songs and sharing them with musicians to prepare them for the studio. My plan is to stay on track with the timeline and have "91 Acres" ready for release in late summer, 2015. Hope all is well with each and every one of you, and that your summer was a special one. Until next time, Emily

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