91 Acres is just about done!

Great news! I've submitted all the artwork and audio to the printer that will be putting the CD's and packaging together. I'm really excited, and find myself with some time to recuperate my energy these days knowing it's in someone else's hands for a bit. Looks like it will be complete within two to three weeks. "91 Acres" has really been a joyous and notable experience in my life. Beginning with the first step of accepting Steve Chaney's challenge to write about his property and land reclamation, all the way to where it is now, just a little over two years have passed. The phases of the project each required a certain type and amount of energy. Mental gear shifting is the best analogy I can offer. I have certainly learned a lot, not just about Steve's beautiful piece of the Ozarks, but also about my abilities. Getting to where I am now was accomplished by pushing myself as far as I could at times, and the payoff was 100 percent worth it. Steve was such an incredible source of support and encouragement through the journey. It will be quite amazing to be able to finally hand him the finished product, the tangible result of his vision for a collection of songs about his 91 acres. Won't be long now! Emily