Auntie Em and the Tornadoes

For about a year and a half, I've had the privilege to be joined by three incredible musicians to form our band Auntie Em and the Tornadoes. The band is: Emily Higgins (songwriter, guitar, lead vocals) Bo Brown (guitar, mandolin, dobro, vocals) George Horne (bass, vocals) Rick Davidson (percussion) My band mates have been performing together for over 30 years, together as three-fifths of The Undergrass Boys, and separately with other bands as well. The flavor, depth and dimension that Bo, George and Rick add to my music is nothing short of magical. We've been fortunate to perform at a number of venues since our debut in November of 2015. There have been many highlights so far, but for me as a songwriter, looking out into an audience and seeing joyful people inspired to get up and dance is one of the finest. Another highlight is just being at practice with the tornadoes, and seeing their excitement and enthusiasm over learning my songs. They are so incredibly good at being quick learners, and generous in letting me know that they believe in my music. Together, as Auntie Em and the Tornadoes, we're looking forward to sharing an all-original playlist with you at future gigs. Want to come hear us perform? Just check my calendar on this website, or feel free to visit (and like!) our Facebook page: I hope your 2017 is an incredible year for you, with much happiness, joy and lots of good music, of course! Peace, Emily