Late Fall 2018 with Winter Around the Corner

Thanks for stopping by. The autumn colors are putting on quite a show in the Missouri Ozarks. It's a time I really enjoy as I look forward to three extremely fun gigs coming up. My calendar will bring you up to date on what's going on there. I've been performing with a new group, we call ourselves the HigLeeWils, taking pieces from each of our last names: Emily Higgins, Larry Lee, David Wilson. We're really solid with our harmonies, getting more so with each practice. I can also say that most times our learning curve with one another is pretty short, and that's when you know you've got a good thing going. Auntie Em and the Tornadoes are twisting it up every chance we get. We have two gigs coming up in November with one on November 9 where my brother John Higgins will sit in on steel guitar. All of us in the band have a great time when the brother joins us. So, it's a busy music life at this time, but there will be a short break from gigs for me over the harsh parts of the winter months. I live in a rural community in the Ozarks, so travel isn't always do-able. When the weather allows, my hope is to hold music retreats at my place which will serve as concentrated practices and songwriting sessions. If all goes well, I hope to have several new songs in the bag by winter's end. March of 2019 brings new gigs, so watch my calendar for updates. You can also find my bands on Facebook, so that's always a great place to check in: Auntie Em and the Tornadoes The HigLeeWils I continue to produce and host The Mulberry Tree on KSMU, Springfield, Missouri's NPR affiliate station. The year 2019 will mark my 10-year anniversary, so the intention is to mark the milestone with special editions of the program and songs to highlight the sentiments that go along with the joy and fun I have experienced by bringing the program to all of you each Sunday evening. I have a special page on this website for The Mulberry Tree so you can check to see what's coming up. You can also check Facebook for The Mulberry Tree posts, and provide feedback and comments any time. I hope and wish for happiness to all of you, that you stay safe and warm this winter, and experience good health. Listen to music whenever possible! :) Love, Emily