1. Waller's Tale

From the recording Waller's Tale


By Emily Higgins

He builds the walls with his two strong hands
Using treasures he gathers from his land
He gazes at their beauty one by one
And smiles when they sparkle in the sun

He made a special yard to store the stones
Where he burned a pile of taxidermy bones
That were left there by the man who sold the place
Now they’ve turned to ashes, gone without a trace

I remember how it gave him such a thrill
When he found the perfect stone up on the hill
Or the day that he found one down in the old creek bed
That was marbled with streaks of crimson red

For him there will always be another wall
Short or long, a single row, or several feet tall
He shows me all he’s done when I visit in the fall
For him, there will always be another wall


He studied each one and then he chose
And said “I know exactly where this one goes”
It’s perfect in its width and in its height
I’m confident it will fit just right”

Then he built a bench of stone next to the creek
A place to find the silence you may seek
Sturdy walls and a place to sit upon
His legacy long after he is gone