1. Migration

From the recording Migration


MIGRATION By Emily Higgins

It’s peaceful here above the clouds
Miles away from human crowds
Heading north going home
On this path we’ve always flown

Wing to wing, side by side
A hundred deep and forty wide
Not as many as last year
We’ve lost a few from what I hear

Mississippi, Arkansas,
Ohio, Missouri
Open fields, city lights
Lots of people in a hurry

Careful of the guns below
Metal in the skyway
Changes, dangers everywhere
What’s happened to our flyway?

We do our best just to keep the weaker ones alive
When we work together most of us survive
It’s something that we feel, something that we know
How to get there, where to stay, when it’s time to go

Worn out and weary
Soar a little while
We’ll pick up the pace
In just about a mile

Gliding on the southern winds
We’ll be there by dawn
Another season here
Another season gone