1. Jake

From the recording Jake



The day I felt my greatest joy
Was the day I met my little boy
It was surely worth all the pain
I love my boy, Jake is his name

Walking, talking, learning ABC’s
He learned to skate with the greatest of ease
Fearless as he took life by the hand
Jake is a very fine young man

He earned his angel wings at seventeen
Things aren’t always what they seem
He has more friends than anyone I know
‘Cause Jake is with us everywhere we go

One day we’ll meet again
Where the ocean meets the shore
We’ll sail way together
I’ll be missing him no more…

But sometimes when I’m missing him so much
Longing for his voice and for his touch
I know if he could speak to me today
I think that Jake would say:

“Think of me when you see eagles fly
Never let the good times pass you by
Take the time to smile and laugh and sing
And I’ll see you when you earn your angel wings"

I love my boy, Jake is his name